CRB Property Valuations

Estimating the value of real property is important to a variety of endeavors, including real estate financing, listing real estate for sale, investment analysis, property insurance and the taxation of real estate

For most people,

determining the asking or purchase price of a property is the most useful application of real estate valuation. CRB is a consultancy firm providing a full range of appraisal and valuation services for all major property types to insurance companies, corporate entities, financial institutions including commercial banks, individuals and their advisors

Our professional

team offers over 20 years of combined experience in real estate valuation and consultancy. Recent assignments have ranged from single-tenant retail properties to multi-unit portfolios completed expeditiously with the highest degree professionalism. Our experience and expertise in completing challenging valuation assignments within a highly disciplined team approach is applicable to a wide range of assignments such as fractional interest analysis and leasehold analysis. Providing valuation solutions from an analytical perspective with thorough market knowledge is our focus for each assignment. We have the capability and experience to provide a range of services to include; development feasibility, highest and best use, and redevelopment feasibility. Our major objective is to add value to our clients, rather than simply report it.

Why are property valuations required, you ask?

Knowledge is king and when it comes to a capital intensive, long-term asset such as real estate, intelligent and informed decision making is a must. So don’t hesitate in obtaining an independent and unbiased professional property valuation, which could influence the success of your investment strategy, whether you should be acquiring or disposing off a property. Informed agents and brokers are able to provide an opinion as to the value of a property, however only registered Valuers are able to provide market valuations which have legal standing.

What’s your property worth? Has your property’s value increased or decreased?

Find out how much your property is worth. If you are thinking of selling your home or property, our property report can help you better understand the estimated value of your property. Finding out what your property is worth can help you make important decisions, such as when to sell, and how much equity you can access in your home like renovating or investing. Getting a property valuation is also an essential part of the mortgage application process. They are used to determine the value of a property that will act as security against your loan and may need to be carried out when you buy a new property, refinance, or want to access the equity in your property to effect a transaction. We inspect your property and take into account its unique features, the area and market conditions. Please contact us here for valuation assignments